hey girliez!

i have a BIG request from all the {takeaway} buyers!!!
i want to make a gallery with pics from all you girlies who own (and adore) a takeaway bag. i believe that everything can be accesorized with the vinyl record bag and i' m curious to see how you included the bags in your outfits!
so recharge your camera and ask your best friend to play photographer, than send me the pics at the well known email address
some girliez already sent me some cutelovelyadorable pics, thanks so much!!!

and remember, i only make 2, max 3 bags with each color, so pick your favorite one!!!!
in the meantime, here are some of my ideas of takeaway outfits!

5 comentarii:

Anonim spunea...

haha, chad n-are stare!

takeaway bags spunea...

{dior needed SOME help. chad is waiting quietly while sipping mint tea and doodling on a yellow piece of paper. go make some pics girlie! my gallery isn't completed without my vinyl record clutch muse!}

Erika spunea...

hihi, ultima e a mea! aaaaaaproximativ :P

Criolina spunea...

iuuhuuu ,thnX for the comment,your clutches are adorable too,also the idea of mix&mach :x pupZ

The Stiletto Effect spunea...

your bag looks great with the first outfit!